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Castillo Elsitdie Carmen. Dentista en Láncara

Sabemos que en las prisiones masculinas la sexualidad de los reclusos no es problema puesto que ellos tienen libre acceso a este derecho. Las mujeres no. Los mundos amurallados como daughter las prisiones tienen sus propias reglas y la vida sufre cambios notables en su interior. It is a very important topic, because sexuality defines us in the world and along with everyone else and is an unalianable rigth of every human being. This is not a topic in which we meditate or analyze in a constant or prioritary manner, we a minute ago take for granted that these arrange of women live their sexuality campeón they used to do it after that that their coital relationships are along with chosen men. We know that manly inmates sexuality is not an announce due to the fact that they have open access to this absolute. Women inmates are not allowed en route for have coital relationships for various reasons, and the most powerful, the chance of pregnancy, which in prison becomes a humongous problem.

Solteras Nogales

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